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Does the NDIS Pay for Gardening & Lawn Mowing

Will the NDIS fund gardening and mowing services for yard.

The NDIS does not typically fund lawn mowing services as a standalone item. However, there are some exceptions and ways to access this service:

  1. Personal Care: If you have a high-level support need and require assistance with personal care tasks, you may be able to fund lawn mowing services as part of your Personal Care budget. This could include hiring a personal care worker to assist with tasks such as lawn mowing, gardening, or other domestic chores.

  2. Domestic Assistance: Some NDIS participants may have a budget for Domestic Assistance, which can include services like household cleaning, laundry, and maintenance tasks. Lawn mowing might be considered a domestic assistance task in some cases.

  3. Accommodation-based services: If you live in supported accommodation, such as a group home or shared living arrangement, your provider may offer lawn mowing services as part of their package.

Tips to access lawn mowing services:

  1. Review your NDIS plan: Check your current NDIS plan to see if you have any existing funds allocated to Personal Care or Domestic Assistance.

  2. Contact your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Planner: Discuss your needs and preferences with your LAC or Planner to determine if lawn mowing services are feasible within your current plan.

  3. Consider respite care: If you don't have an existing budget for lawn mowing, you might be able to use your Respite Care budget to fund this service.

  4. Explore alternative options: If lawn mowing is not funded through the NDIS, consider alternative options such as hiring a local gardener or asking a friend or family member for assistance.

Remember to always discuss your needs and preferences with your LAC or Planner to determine the best way to access lawn mowing services through the NDIS.

If you're after a lawn mowing service and have an in-depth knowledge on procedures and policies the NDIS for services for ndis gardening in Sydney .

Does NDIS pay for gardening & lawn mowing and are unsure, please feel free to contact us as we can help with finding out.

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