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NDIS Gardening Sydney

NDIS Gardening & Lawn Mowing 

Reliable /  Friendly   /  Professional

Specialising In NDIS Lawn Mowing & Gardening Maintenance Services In The Greater Sydney Region 

We Provide NDIS Gardening & Lawn Mowing Maintenance For NDIS Participants who are self manged and plan manged throughout Sydney

We are not a registered provider.

We are the solution to your needs if you're after a gardener or NDIS lawn mowing service and are a part of the NDIS, National Disability Insurance Scheme we are happy to help to maintain your lawn and yard or do a specific task under the yard maintenance activities. 

As we say we specialise in you and only NDIS Participants, a service that can help you, as we take worry out of all your NDIS yard maintenance and lawn mowing and other  requirements around your backyard keeping your garden happy and safe. 

If you're yard has been let go and the grass is overgrown or currently not happy with your lawn mowing services and want to switch or you have just registered and are new to the NDIS will be able to assist.

We work closely with you and your coordinator to assess and plan to create a service  that will suite all your needs now and in the future. 

Our Proactive approach is one that is needed when looking after your yard and exterior property. We understand that our clients are unable to maintain lawns and control weeds, as well as keep yards and all entry points to your home spotless.

So if you're looking for a NDIS Gardner near you, please contact us a free consultation.


Private Property

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Lawn mowing


Weed Control 


One OFf Service 

Why Work With Us!

  • We understand that all clients are different and have various needs. 

  • We offer free consultation 

  • Fast turn around with all parties involved 

  • We Specialise In NDIS Gardens and yard work. 

  • We can do more that other gardeners. 

  • Fully insured

  •  Trained  

  • We have our own equipment

  • Registered Business 

Green Garden

Most Asked Questions About NDIS Lawn Mowing And Gardening Services In Sydney

Question: What is the NDIS gardening Code or Number 

Answer:  The NDIS line number for Gardening and lawn mowing comes under House and/or Yard Maintenance NO: 01_019_0120_1_1

Question: What is the cost or rate for gardening under NDIS in the Greater Sydney Region?

Answer:  The national non remote fee is $50.87 in the Sydney Area 

Question: Will the NDIS Fund My Lawn Mowing and gardening services? 

Answer:  The NDIS will provide funding for these activities if you're assessed and are in need of these services or unable to do them yourself. Speak to a coordinator or industry representative.

Question: How do I find someone to maintain and mow my lawn and on NDIS?

Answer: You can speak to your coordinator for information and local services that will suite your needs, If not you can call us to provide a consultation for yourself and garden maintenance as we specialise in NDIS work. 


Question: If I am not happy with my services, can I switch to a different gardener and lawn mowing business on NDIS?


Answer: Yes you can if you're not happy with their services. Speak to your coordinator and you can seek out new provider for your requirements.

Question: How can I hire a gardener and lawn mowing business on NDIS 

Answer: Just call us or alternatively fill out our contact form and will help your through the process. 

Question: Are we NDIS registered for work in the yard maintenance services for NDIS clients?

Answer: For NDIS garden and lawnmowing services, you do not to be registered but willing to complete these NDIS jobs to specific requirements . 

Question: How is the Garden maintenance funded out of my NDIS funds ?

Answer The NDIS includes activities, such as cleaning, gardening and home maintenance, under Support Category 1 (Assistance with Daily Living). This is a Core Support, so if you have funding in your plan’s Core budget you can use it to get help around the house or garden.

Here is a link to this answer

Useful links to websites for further information.

Did you know that the NDIS will fund yard maintenance and gardening services?

That’s right, the NDIS, national disability scheme could fund and pay for your lawn mowing and gardening services or garden maintenance.  If you’re a participant on the NDIS system and are self-managed or plan managed, you could get support if your disability is stopping you or making it difficult to complete these tasks or work outside in your garden which can be quite strenuous and tiring.


Let’s us discuss what the NDIS will help support?

Lawn Mowing and Garden care For Australian backyards. Most of us will have a backyard or courtyard and upkeep is very important as it helps keep away pest and other animals but also makes your yard and garden look good as well as safe.

The National Disability Scheme (NDIS) Could help cover the cost of your garden maintenance and lawn mowing services.  

When being assessed for these services.


  • Does your disability prevent you from being able take care of mowing the lawn? Cleaning up weeds and sweeping down walkways?

  • Is it reasonable and necessary to request this task to be completed out of your funds?

  • Will it help you around the house and in your life.


So, if you think you should be assed for this service, you should speak to your plan manager or a industry representative.


What does the lawn mowing, and garden maintenance come under or which budget do they use to fund these services?


Your CORE NDIS budget includes a category call Assistance with daily life, this budget is to support and help you with daily and regular tasks to live comfortably and independent.

This will be the budget a NDIS gardener or lawn mowing service would use to take care of your property.

Of course, your funding would have to be approved and the core funding is quite flexible, and you do get to choose the services you need if they meet the NDIS guidelines and you’re assessed for these services.



If you go ahead and hire someone to help with your gardens and lawn.

The service provider would have to be within the NDIS hourly pay limit.

They can only take care of these tasks

  •  Mow Lawns

  • Weed Removal and Weed spray

  • Edging

  • Bushes trimmings

Tasks that won’t be paid by your NDIS funding

  • Soil

  • Mulch

  • Plants


If you’re after a reliable and professional lawn mowing service in Sydney Speak to the NDIS Gardeners and their team. We specialise in NDIS lawn mowing and gardening maintenance throughout Sydney

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