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Here is a list of services you could receive on the NDIS

If you're a participant in the National Disability Insurance Scheme there are quite a few services around the home and other services related to health.

We will just name a few as the list could be endless, just remember you do have to be eligible for these services.

The NDIS will fund these services on the behalf of you straight out of your budget.

1) Lawn Mowing and Gardening Care.

2) Physiotherapy

3) House cleaning

4) Community Access

5) Support workers

6) Podiatrist or Podiatry Services for foot care, yes you can receive this service on the ndis

Relieve Foot Discomfort With the Help of a Podiatrist in Sydney

If you have discomfort in your feet, you might need the assistance of a podiatrist in Sydney. Our team can assist with various issues, from sports injuries to ingrown toenails. Get the help you need to stay on your feet from Guildford Podiatry Centre. This company is mobile and is a shop conveniently located in Guilford. Here is a link to their website

If you're interested in these services, the best person to ask could be your coordinator or LLC.

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